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The US economy is doing so well, and we have full employment that the Fed is cutting rates!!! In fact, debt is abyssal!

The US Federal Reserve has decided to cut down the rates up to 0,25% today, as they anticipated the markets. Even if Trump does not think it is enough, future declines are to come despite our strong American economy. Yet, regarding this strong economy, I challenge you to say how much the US economy is blooming after you have read this list of 19 staggering facts!! Just as Philippe Béchade explained it this morning on BFM Business, Trump needs lower rates because if the rates go up, the whole house of cards (debts) will collapse! And Powell says he does not care about The US policy and never does so…Of course not!!! Everybody knows that, the US growth is bought on credit. Regarding full employment, we have to keep it in perspective, because over 102 million Americans who could effectively work, are not doing so (reports from June 2019). Indebted as never before, the household spending and the government spending are the only ones helping the US economy not to fall into recession. Let us focus on a few clear figures related to indebtedness, each American today has 220,000$ of debt! All in all, the United States accounts for over $72,000 billion of debt!!! So far, everything is fine…

Peter Schiff: “Great recession coming as gold standard returns” Peter Schiff: “Rate cuts will stimulate inflation not the economy”

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