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The dizzying fall of car sales in Chine

In China, the car industry is in bad shape and keeps on plunging.

China is considered as the world’s largest automobile market !

When a car starts to cough in China, the whole global car industry is catching a cold.

And not just slightly !

In May, the market went down 16%.

In June, the decline went on with a 9,6% fall.

According to the CAAM, the Chinese Data Official Research Institute, although everyone expected the market to rise this year, the estimations have been revised this time, with a clear bull market.

This first half year, the fall in sales reached 12,3% as the market had already contracted nearly 3% in 2018.

This is definitely bad news for cars but it has a global impact.

This is the whole automobile model which is sinking before our eyes.

Only the sales of electric cars are increasing… thanks to national subsidies !

This is the end of the world for cars.

Charles SANNAT

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