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Philippe Pascot – A yellow jacket: “ If we do not hit hard, and if we do not win this struggle to change the whole system, we will suffer.”

Philippe Pascot: « It is time now to hit hard ! Because if we do not hit hard, I can tell you that we will suffer. If we do not win this struggle to change the whole system, we will suffer. Because they are planning to organize a society in which only a few people will decide and all the others will endure. You may think that what Macron is doing right now with the Labour Code is just harmless. But he is breaking it totally and that makes sense. Everyone tells you that Germany is doing very well. I hear it every day from all sides… there are about 7,7 million people who live in a precarious situation, with hourly wage rates of 1 €. Ah, that is right, the economy is doing well, and like in France, we want our economy to do just as well. In a few months, or in a few years, the French economy will be fine as well if we do not react or do anything. Everybody will have three low paid dirty jobs without any protection, and you will simply close your mouth!! When you have three low paid dirty jobs, without any social protection, and you can’t even go and see a doctor because you can’t afford to pay but the social insurance is doing well… When you have three low paid dirty jobs, without any protection, and no trade unions to defend yourselves, because they are also corrupted, so you just shut your mouth… And when your boss tells you to shut your mouth, you just do so, and that is the society they imagine for us. I do not want that society. You may accept this, I do not. Now, if you want to fight and change it, you better get organized….

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Another yellow jacket: “I am a home help family assistant, I earn 900€ a month, and when I paid my rent (650 €) I can tell you I’ve got nothing much left… I live alone with my son, and I very often I choose not to eat in order to feed my son…So, here we are… I do not want to leave such a world and a way of life like this, to my children, no way! Yes, I hate all of it, all these politicians, all these governments because they are all the same, none of them are really worth it! But do not worry, Macron, one day, we will come and we will seek what is due to us.”

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