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This is it, the power of the US economy is out in the street… This is not a Third World town, this is the city center of Los Angeles.

No, the American economy is truly sick and is not doing as well as what they are telling us. Personally, I challenge you to tell me that the US economy is booming after reading this list of 19 staggering facts!! Let us remind you that over 102 million Americans who could work, do not work at all according to a report from the 30th of June 2019. If people tell you that the United states are not in a recession, well it is because it is probably true! Yet, indebted as never, the household spending and the government spending are helping the US economy to avoid plunging into recession. Let us focus on some numbers in terms of indebtedness: every single American holds a $220000 of debt! All in all, the United States accounts for $72000 trillion of debt!! So far, everything is just fine. Remember also these three debt bubbles which threaten to explode at any time now. Poor country, which has to purchase its own growth on credit… just like Philippe Béchade explained it when interviewed on Wednesday morning on BFM Business and Trump needs low rates and if the rates go up, it is the whole house of cards which will collapse! As you can see on the video below, The United States is in the process of becoming a country full of homelessness and we also can confirm today that things will get worse soon…

On The Edge Of Disaster: 59 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck “I don’t know how I can maintain this face of joy and warmth when I have to go home and forage for food in other people’s garbage”

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